Conman scams exposed in the press

Here is an example of a builder who was shown on the Channel 5 TV program Cowboy Builders;

Cowboy builder exposed on TV

Yet again, someone who has caused many couple’s considerable heartache, pain and financial stress and he only gets handed a few years prison sentence and will be out in half the time on good behaviour….this is simply not fair. The worst part of the situation was when the conman was asked if he would pay the money back he said “I don’t have it….and even if I did I wouldn’t give it back.” This is a prime example of how the mind of a conman works, they feel no shame or remorse for the pain they put people through.

Being conned\scammed does not just happen to the the general public only. According to reports the two most recently exposed scams are as follows;

The detestable lengths a conman and associates will go to cheat others;

Conman fakes being a quadriplegic to escape jail

Talented chef with so much potential has lost his life due to these conmen.

Benoit Voilier wine scam

From the information gathered it is apparent that these fraudsters persuaded a Dutch shipping firm to part with huge sums…..

Conman posing as Pope’s trader in 73 million fraud

Now “Vishing” is a new phone scam;

Vishing link

It sounds obvious but someone calling you and telling you to keep it “Hush hush” and to move the money straight away should get alarm bells ringing. However under pressure people do buckle and in this case a lot of money was lost.

Pension scam

Airline pilot facing a penalty even though he has been scammed!

A new threat is Ransomware – please read below

Crypto ransomware has been found lurking in adverts served on popular websites including the BBC, the New York Times, MSN and AOL.

The UK’s National Crime Agency and the FBI have issued warnings about a sudden spike in  ransomware, which is malware that typically encrypts data on a target computer and demands a ransom in exchange for the decryption key.

In the latest campaign, various security research teams have discovered ransomware in ads served on news sites last weekend through a compromised online advertising network.

The ransomware was being spread using the Angler exploit kit, which includes tools for cyber attackers to take advantage of vulnerabilities in browser plugin software such as Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight, researchers at security firm Trend Micro said in a blog post.

BEWARE of requests out of the blue, when you visit a website, to update your FLASH,  Silverlight  or other image modules.

Those who want to readmore may do so here


The point that needs to be expressed is that from the smallest con to the most elaborate and planned scam, these ruthless individuals have no compassion, guilt or remorse whatsoever.

People who cannot deal with the emotional stress take their lives because of them and unfortunately that has happened.

As the victim of a con / scam, it is ok to say, “If only I saw this beforehand” or “I wish I knew”, “If only I did this” etc but the truth is it happens to most of us at one time or another.

The message is to be aware, ask as many questions as you need to, consult others who can provide an alternative opinion and do the due diligence when the pressure is on you.

What must happen is that the law has to change to deal with these people. Only then will they know that the Police and the courts have the power to deal with them, i.e seize their assets and sell them to reimburse their victims, have mandatory prison sentences for them as well as giving them a criminal record.

In response to this, we have now started a petition to change the law so that conmen will be brought to justice. Please see our Bring Conmen to Justice page.

As we ll as that, there should be a Fraud or Conman register that will stick with these people their whole lives on their criminal record. This way it would make people think twice before they enter into what should be classed as criminal activity.