Coronavirus (COVID 19) scams

It is appalling in this day and age that “People” are resorting to scamming other about the current and sad plight of the Coronavirus. ActionFraud have stated this week that there was a 400% increase in Coronavirus related scams with victim losses totalling over £970, 000 Pounds.

Here are a selection of the scams:

Face Mask Scams

Fraudsters are setting up websites selling face masks that either never arrive or are a very bad quality. Please be aware and always make sure that anything you purchase is from a reputable site that is secure.

Face Mask Scam

Emails/Texts from Gov.UK 

People are receiving texts/emails that look like they have come from a government site saying that they have been fined for being caught outside during the coronavirus lock down. Please ignore these messages and do not click on any links as they have been sent to obtain your information.

Gov.UK Scam

Vaccines or Miracle Cures

Fraudsters are praying on the fears and anxieties of others to try and get them to purchase “miracle cures”. There are no vaccines and no cures for coronavirus so please do not fall fro these scams. You will be left heartbroken and out of pocket.

Miracle Cure Scam

HMRC Scams

Scammers are claiming to be from HMRC and are offering financial support for people struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. If you receive an email, text or call claiming to be from HMRC do not provide any information such as your name, bank details etc as this is a scam.