Daniel Carrington and CPC Stairlifts Scam


Here is another account that was submitted to us and after being investigated has been confirmed as true. The account has been uploaded as it was received to illustrate authenticity.

I wish to submit details of a man currently calling himself Daniel Carrington of CPC Stairlifts, of witheld due to Data Protection Act.

On March 3rd, after a stairlift company let my sister and I down, we were given the phone number of Daniel Carrington and he came round to my father’s home to measure up for a stairlift – my father who was 96 at the time was determined to remain at home so we had spent 5 weeks prior to this date, getting the house safe for him. I paid this man a £2000. deposit. My father changed his mind within 5 days – my step-sister, who is a solicitor, took charge of obtaining the refund as we had cancelled the order within the 30 day cooling off period. 

It took a few weeks for me to realize that this man had no intention of refunding the deposit (my father changed his mind and went into a nursing home half a mile from his house and died 6 weeks later).  I then started to try to investigate Daniel Carrington and found to my horror that his real name is Nigel Warren Roach and that in 2007 Devon Trading Standards successfully prosecuted him and he was sentenced to 14 months for fraud. The business he was in then is the same as it is now – selling and repairing stairlifts – so targetting the vulnerable. He left a trail of suffering across the South West of England and Wales according to Devon Trading Standards Watchdog. The first complaint made to Devon Trading Standards was in 2005. He set up his first business during this year, Delta Services, while still an undischarged bankrupt.

Currently this man is still assuring me that he will refund the deposit, I have informed him in writing that I am contacting as many people as possible about his ‘business practices’ – it has now been 4 months since we began the process of trying to get it back. My sister and I are under no illusion – we will not get our money back but we are desperate to ensure that no-one else suffers the same fate – according to the Devon Trading Standards article about this man, one elderly couple were left stranded on their ground-floor after he had removed their two stairlifts to ‘repair’ them and never brought them back – another couple was defrauded out of £4000. This man has no shame and no compassion, my father died knowing that we were still trying to get his money back.

‘Daniel Carrington’ has two other companies – CPC Auto Services and Uplifto (another stairlift company – all at the same address) – this one is registerd with Companies House. After having contacted a firm to see if they could recover the deposit for us – they logged onto the Companies House website and saw this comment linked to the website – PROCEED WITH CAUTION. As an ordinary member of the public I had been unable to see this warning – where is the duty of care towards the public. !

Strangely enough Nigel Warren Roach seems to be so confident in his dealings with clients that he has put the Devon Trading Standards logo of approval onto his Uplifto website ! Sadly in order to inform Devon Trading Standards of this and the fact that he is continuing his long trail of fraud, I have to first contact Citizens Advice Bureau and they decide whether or not to pass information on. I have already logged a report with Action Fraud – sadly after stating how sorry they were that we have been victims of crime – they go on to say that there are no leads in my report – and yet I gave them the same information contained in this email !