Credit Card


A recent submission to the website has advised us of the following scam . What happened was someone called them on their business number and gave them stolen credit card details which were accepted over the phone to purchase £7,000 pounds worth of produce.

They then dispatched the goods via courier the same day to the given address and after a few days they were called by the credit card company to tell them that the transaction was not valid as the credit card was stolen and so they had to pay the money back in the end.  They had lost over £7,000 Pounds worth of goods and had to pay the money back on top.

Rather surprisingly the police were not interested in what had happened and refused to come out to investigate.

Another lesson to learn is, only accept a credit card IF the person is in front of you and not over the telephone as you will be asked to pay the money back as even though we are led to believe we are covered with credit cards this is not the case if the payment is on the phone.