Graham Warren Romance Scam


This is the account published in full as we received it. More documentation was sent to us but due to legal restrictions we are unable to publish these at this moment.

Lieutenant Colonel Graham Warren

British Armed Forces

1 Para & SAS


He has never been in the army. This man is a liar and a fraud.

Beware of any contact with him.

Graham Warren born withheld due to data protection act.. He is about 5’10 and overweight. He has short grey hair, a beard and a moustache. In 2015, he was driving an old navy blue Toyota Hilux, Surf withheld due to data protection act

Suddenly, in Feb 2017, he drove up in a silver Renault Megane which no doubt belongs to someone else. I don’t believe he has a bank account. He owns a set of golf clubs, a tool kit and a dog. I believe he was an electrician. In 2005 he started a private limited company based on Kingsheath Industrial Estate, Northampton. It was dissolved on 26/06/2007. That was the end of CRIMEBUSTERS LIMITED!

A common theme with these frauds is to equate themselves with heroes of the Armed Forces.

They immediately gain attention and admiration. It is despicable and I urge women to report them and highlight their sickening behaviour. If a name crops up more than once then maybe the police will intervene.

I have reported Graham Warren as I’m worried that others will be conned by his lies. He is probably with another woman now. Please understand, he is a Fraud. He causes psychological, emotional and financial devastation.

Graham Warren told me he was a retired member of the army. I met him in 2015. He was walking his dog, a golden Labrador called Hunny. She had worked with him in the army locating explosives. He had pensions but had problems accessing his money. His mother had difficulties with her mobility and he had to look after her from time to time so stayed with her in Kingsbridge.

His barn conversion near the Estuary was eating up his money. His sister in Luton was dying of cancer so he shared taking care of her with his two other sisters. He made regular trips to Luton and back to Devon. She was taken into hospital so then Graham stayed every night at her bedside. His friend from the army committed suicide. His daughters asked Graham for help. He loaned them money, identified the body, dressed him in his uniform and saluted him. He composed a Eulogy which he read at the funeral. ALL LIES.

He was charming with my family and friends, told them all the same lies. He even showed them a photograph of the non existent, half finished barn conversion! He accidently sent a message to my mobile, supposedly meant for Dave Schofield his builder, ‘must now get our heads together to agree a finishing date ‘ – just so contemptible. I paid a bank transfer of £2,228.30 to a Dave Schofield at Paignton NatWest. I have not been able to locate him so no idea who he is or what the money was for.

After two and a half years Graham Warren has cheated me out of thousands of pounds. Money for rental car, vet bills, builders and materials, parts for Toyota . . . . There is no help. I can prove Graham Warren is a fraud, I can prove he knew each amount of money was not a gift but the police won’t get involved. They don’t have the resources and they say it’s a civil matter, not a crime. There is no point hiring a lawyer to recover the debts, Graham Warren is penniless and he disappeared in Sept 2017.

His name has been added to our local police files and I’ve reported him to the Action Fraud Site. Tel: 03001232040. This is a Fraud and Cyber Crime reporting centre. The information is reviewed and a decision is made whether to send it on to a law enforcement agency.

We need to push for a change in the law. We must overcome embarrassment and speak out. Contact a member of parliament, sign a petition, find a reliable website and report a fraud, ask for support at your Citizen’s Advice Centre.

These parasites must be acknowledged as criminals and punished accordingly.