Mike Mclean Defenders Scam


Submitted Account #7 Received in July 2017

Extracts from Facebook conversation

Victim – Hi any updates on Michael McLean Victims?

Conman Exposed – Hello withheld due to data protection act Thank you for your message. Please check our website www.conman-exposed.co.uk for up to date news on Michael McLean. Many thanks Conman Exposed Team

Victim – I’ve been a victim myself but i got my funds back from him over a period of 3 months. If anyone needs help getting their money back i would gladly help them so please feel free to pass my Facebook details to them. He is a smooth operator when it comes to scams

Conman Exposed – Hello there Sorry to hear that you too have fallen victim to this prolific conman. Please submit and account of your story to exposed@conman-exposed.co.uk then we can publish it the the website. The more submissions there are then hopefully we can help stop others from falling victim. There have been so many people that have come forward it is unbelievable that he continues to con people. Did he promise you the same Land Rover Defenders? When did this occur? Many thanks Conman Exposed Team

Victim –  Yes he used the same bait. Luckily I only live 25 miles from him so I went to his house to get my money 4/5 visits. Started in march and ended up in June. His new phone number is 07988 618354. He works on the pyramid scheme get deposit of 1 person and payback previous one and so on

Conman Exposed – The site has had some success is stopping people from doing “business” with him

Victim –  Even cops couldn’t help me when I contact the pc who dealt with him In the past. This is the reply I got from him


Victim – police wont do nowt cause he performs he’s operation by staying within he’s legality.  Who’s he’s current latest victim I can see if I can help them

Conman Exposed – We believe that all the victims who have contacted our site have had their money returned (namely through the courts). He is apparently also operating under the name Michael Craig

Victim – One of them didn’t my friend from states witheld due to data protection act. He’s still owed

Update May 2017

****We have been advised that Mike Mclean is now operating under the name Michael Craig ***

Michael Craig Defenders Scam

We have been advised via email that Mike Mclean is still active and have been provided with the following link:

Business Partners Pitch


Opportunity website

Submitted Account #6 Received in January 2017

I am another victim of this conman but at this moment I am unable to provide my account as I am seeking legal advice to try and get my money back.

I am not surprised there are so many victims as Mike Mclean is a lying, despicable conman.

My only advice to others would be the following:

  • Do not do business with this man
  • Do not give any of your heard earned money to him
  • He is a conman through and through
  • All the Defenders that he tries to sell to everyone are the same (probably photos from Pintrest/Instagram

My heartfelt condolences to anyone that has fallen victim to this man as I understand the pain caused.


Submitted Account #5 Received in December 2016

Hello – I wish to acknowledge that I entered into an arrangement with Michael McLean after locating an ad published in Car and Classic that he locate and build a Land Rover Defender 110 for me to export to Canada. He quickly located a French registered Defender 110 and we agreed on a total build cost of GBP 17,000. I paypal a payment of GBP 500 shortly after to his daughter Chelsea McLean. I later wired the remainder of the GBP 9,500 deposit to him so he could start the build.

He continued to communicate with me by email and phone (and I fail to know why) to provide me with updates and requests and the story and build went on… This all started in July 2015. By the end of 2015 I got suspicious that nothing was going on and that I was in trouble. I contacted Michael McLean and received nothing in response. In December 2015 I employed a lawyer in Leeds, Yorks to go after him. Letters and registered docs were sent and signed for with seemingly little to no result.

At the same time I registered a complaint with actionfraud and emailed and spoke with a representative. They provided me with good and reliable advice. I also contacted the publication that I located and placed the ad on. This was carandclassic and I received a response from Phillip Warner at Carandclassic one of the founders and co-owners of the publication. He was very helpful to a point and deleted all ads relating to  Michael McLean. The issues with fraudsters like this is that they have multiple numbers and contact details so they are hard to nail down and his ads still remainder advertised on the site.

I researched Michael McLean and learnt that he was looking for investors looking to fund builds of Land Rover Defenders for the North American market. For Canada the vehicle has to be 15 years old or greater and for the US it has to be 25 years or greater. For a commitment of GBP 10,000 you could make an investment and share the profits with Michael McLean.

I employed my lawyer in Leeds to go after Michael McLean. After registered letters and threats he was un-phased, I am a UK citizen living in Canada but my family all live in the UK. In May of this year, 2016, I visited my family and took an impromptu visit to Witheld due to Data Protection Act, Sheffield to visit with a one, Michael McLean. He made excuses (or lies / you decide) and made like he had great potential business ventures but no monies currently so he was unable to pay be back my GBP 10,000 deposit. He promised to make the repayment and wanted to know when I would return to Canada. Upon my immediate return to Canada all communique stopped. I was blocked from phone calls or all phone calls always went unanswered with no voice mail service. Also no text message or emails were answered.

I was contacted in September of 2016, this year by Action Fraud , that they were forwarding this case to the S Yorks police force. I have been in contact since with a couple of police officers from one of the Sheffield stations that are actively pursuing this case. They are in contact with both  Michael McLean and myself and ensuring that I be repaid and that justice is served, This has been an 18 month ordeal for me and if and when I will update all on my case. Through their intervention other complainants have been repaid. Also other complainants have sought repayment through the court system.

I wish to state however that anyone with a fraudulent case will receive satisfaction for the most point through Action Fraud. It is worthwhile cause filing a case and seeking justice.

I believe Michael McLean is a disease that has to be broadcast and eliminated. I just conducted a simple search on the internet and came up with your site so this is a successful endeavour and people out there are being made aware of him and his scams.

At this stage I have been contacted by Michael McLean for my bank details so that he can wire the GBP10,000 but after a week I still have received or heard nothing. I will be contacting the S Yorkshire police again this coming week if nothing appears in my account and get them to pressure Michael McLean again. I am dealing with an officer that seems very sympathetic to my cause and determined to get me my monies back. This however may end up in me spending the monies on legal fees and taking him to court.

I will let the Sheffield police know about the site and provide the link to re-enforce that it is not only me but other that have very much affected by this fraudster.

Please warn others and feel free to publish my story. The scary thing is that your narrative of Michael McLean to account the story were so similar to mine and could have been written by me.

I will update you as necessary and am happy to help, inform and assist as necessary for or to others.

Best wishes and again my thanks for your efforts


Submitted Account #4 Received in November 2016

Another victim has also emailed in and given a very similar account but at this moment in time does not wish for their story to be published for fear it may jeopardise their ongoing legal case.

However we were sent this picture of a certain conman whom all his victims and his “potential” targets will recognise;



Submitted account #1 Received in August 2015

I personally Introduced Mike Mclean to friends who respect me to invest in an amazing way to turn over money. This is what I know of Mike;

  • He travels up and down the country with his portfolio of Defenders that have been previously “Built” and sold at great profit. He is so passionate about them he keeps telling you that you cannot fail to make money from it
  • He convinced me about forecasts related to sales by investing in building cheap Left hand drive Defenders as he has built up knowledge over many years and then selling them abroad to the US or Canadian market
  • The lure of all this is that he will give you a large share of the profits made, which seems an incredibly easy way to make money and it was very convincing as I have previously had many transactions with him
  • He also talks about having containers full of Defender parts he has purchased cheap at incredibly low prices as well as having contacts in China where he buys aftermarket parts (LED lights, body kits etc) at “Dirt cheap” prices to help fund this “Project” and he asks for funds so that he can have a so called production line of cars in various stages of development from being rebuilt to be ready for shipping so that the demand he has from his contacts will be met. To be fair, if you check EBay they do sell for quite a bit of money over in the US and Canada.
  • He wants investment so that he can have a so called production line of cars in various stages of development so that the demand he has from his contacts will be met
  • He persuades you that this is real by telling you other people are about to join the project, using the trick of time to catch you off guard
  • To convince you, he takes you to where they assemble the cars (Which is basically a friend’s house in Sheffield and not a professional body shop) where there are complete Land Rover Defender cars as well as bits and pieces all over the place (It is over 3 acres in size) that are ready to be rebuilt and modified and then sold on for a huge profit. He encourages the conversation by saying that as there are no professional mechanic \ body shop bills this keeps costs down
  • His scam was so convincing that I parted with my beloved 1950’s classic car to invest and make money which I have now lost forever….what a cruel, evil and callous man!

Emotional pain caused

  • When we try and contact him, he does not pick up his phone – basically he starts ignoring you in the hope you will leave him alone. He has multiple mobile numbers and only gives you one number which conveniently has no voicemail. He ignores your texts and missed calls
  • When he gives you deadlines in which he will resolve the issue – basically delaying tactics by promising to pay you back when clearly this person has no intention to
  • What he is doing to us as victims is mental torture, we feel humiliated, embarrassed and psychologically drained. It is tearing us apart emotionally from the seams, constantly talking about this and hoping he will pay us and then being let down
  • We struggle to sleep well, we have a loan to pay off the money that we are stuck with and it is one of the worst things emotionally we have to deal with
  • I cannot concentrate at work and facing losing my job
  • I would not have introduced him to people I know if I did not know him personally. These people are now blaming me, I feel responsible but I cannot pay them back as I am unable to
  • He took my money and my family life is now hell because of him
  • He ignores your pleas via texts and missed calls. If he does call, it is only because of threatening to take legal action against him and he is trying to keep you sweet by promising you it will all come good.
  • I am still in disbelief that this person has done this to me and my friends


Submitted account #2 Received in November 2015

  • In passing on a phone call with a good buddy in London, he mentioned his friend Mike who I may be interested to speak to about who is now investing in building Land Rover Defenders for the American and North American market
  • He was trusted by our mutual friend as an expert with many contacts and after many phone calls I wired over £23,000 UK Pounds to Mike to send me a good conditioned Defender (minus the engine and VIN number) via container from Southampton. Below is a copy of the invoices;

Highlighted is the company details


Please see amount transferred to Mike

  • It was a while before I heard anything back from him and then I contacted my buddy in London to ask what was happening as I was becoming quite worried.
  • My buddy kept reassuring me that all was well, he was finding me the right car to then ship to me here in the Americas
  • This person proposed to send me parts to make up for the money but that was not what our agreement was
  • Since then I have tried to obtain my money back but with no success and I now know what has happened to me but find it hard to accept that Mike Mclean actually scammed me.


Submitted account #3 Received in October 2015

I was introduced to Mike to invest in buying cars for our new business that we started. He has built up contacts over many years and was trusted and known to my friend in the car trade so there was little risk involved it seemed.

  • He began by sending pictures of cars that you ask for and gives you unbelievably low prices he will sell them to you for.
  • His contact in America is called Marty. I had emailed him previously and he responded enthusiastically about this person and would only deal with him direct
  • Every time I called Mike, he would answer his phone and was understanding and helpful
  • Then I took a loan out and transferred the money to his account –well over £10,000 Pounds
  • After repeatedly asking for an invoice he finally sent one from a different email address to the one he uses normally.

Events began to unfold

  • However when I questioned him regarding the pictures that all shipping companies that have an established reputation take and send to you via email, nothing was produced
  • Calling him again and again made me more suspicious. Eventually he told us that the cars were arriving on a cargo ship
  • One day, he abruptly called and came down early morning to meet my friend and then myself and admitted it has been a prefabrication of actual events and he promised to give us our money back. He had run out of time and could not give any more excuses.
  • Since then, he has continually lied to give us our money back – it has been NINE MONTHS!
  • He ignores our texts and missed calls. If he does call, he promises to pay us on a certain date and then let’s us down again
  • We have begged him to be honest with us and let us have closure. At least we can deal with it and move on but he continually promises to pay us
  • Our advice is please do not trust anyone, not even your family or best friend as you never really know what someone is like

Unravelling of the scam

  • The bait he sets you is that he also tells you when you meet him that he can buy American cars cheap from a “Pal” in Florida who has a repossession business and has to get rid of them as he takes in around two thousand cars a week. These non-existent sports cars are apparently up for sale for a quarter of the price they normally sell for. To add to the illusion he is honest, he will email you pictures of the cars from all angles to give one the belief that this is actually legitimate. (The truth is that he finds these pictures on the internet or from other dealers and has no intention to buy them.)
  • The pals name is Marty and his email address is: mfmansnr@gmail.com (No fear in publishing it as this is not a real individual and is part of the scam of hooking people into the trap)

The first thing I should have done was to see that anyone worth their salt does not have a Gmail account for business purposes – what an oversight.

Secondly, after checking the email address with the look up IP address online I found that “Marty” is not based in Florida but the north of England – what a lie! Due diligence before any transaction would have enabled me to stop and then question him before not proceeding to do business with him.

Another email address he uses is ron.gbshipping@gmail.com who then emails you to let you know the cars are on their way via the Sea Land Champion cargo ship. Apparently this shipping company is based in Germany but using the IP address tool it shows that this is not the case – another lie

You can guess what happened next….no cars at all after deadlines passed. We downloaded an app that shows you the ships coming in and knew what time it was arriving etc. After so many missed calls and text he finally owned up to the cars not being here or either on their way. He has no way out, we called his bluff (Or is it con?)

The worst thing from our point of view is that he promises to pay back the money on a certain date, the date comes and there is no sign of Mike Mclean. To be conned by him is bad enough but there is something else this vile man does to us and his victims and that is he keeps promising to pay us the money back in full, then in part on this day which never happens.

I am trying to portray how we feel emotionally: What he is doing to us as victims is mental torture, lying to us all the time with no empathy. We feel aggrieved, humiliated, embarrassed and psychologically drained. Losing the money has been devastating but he keeps promising to pay us and never does, like he is enjoying causing us emotional pain – how despicable is this?

It is tearing our family apart from the seams, we are constantly talking about this and hoping he will finally pay us and then being let down. We struggle to sleep well, we have a loan to pay off the money that we are stuck with and it is one of the worst things as a family we have to deal with and have hanging over us.

Please note the following from our experiences of this person and STAY CLEAR!!

  • Telephone number, address and email address withheld due to Data Protection Act
  • He is over 6 foot tall, stocky and overweight with a heavy northern accent and grey beard.
  • He uses his daughters PayPal account when asking for a deposit (We all know her name now)
  • Trades under the name of Leather Group (A Hotmail account again, no official company email address)
  • Another company he has is Bulldog design. An invoice is sent by a BT.comteam@ (A bt.com email address) to cover his tracks
  • He may be introduced to you as someone who is the only person who imports Scorpion three wheelers into the county.
  • Has a contact called Marty (See above) and his email address is: mfmansnr@gmail.com who can get cheap American cars in the US, specifically Florida
  • Another email address he uses is gbshipping@gmail.com who then emails you to let you know the cars are on their way

We are grateful for this site that I can expose the cowardly conman to as he has caused me and my family terrible heartache, brought us close to separating due to the financial arguments it has caused. As I am typing this I realise it is a big con and am embarrassed about it HOWEVER I want others to be informed about him and also to pluck up the courage and fight this and other conmen.

We embarked on a business to make money to help us and all he has done is to violate our trust and intentionally rob us of our money with no intention to help us or pay us back. Make no mistake, he has no heart and any remorse for his victims – just like a typical conman\scam artist as he knows the law will not chase him.

Some people who know him borrowed the money and will have many years of pain to pay it back, knowing a disgusting, cheating cockroach like Mike McLean has had the last laugh.

Conman Exposed Advice

At this time Mike Mclean of Sheffield is being investigated by the South Yorkshire Police for repetitive fraud that has come to life via Action Fraud after countless individual complaints regarding Land Rover Defenders scams.

The best advice to you is to contact the Police for a crime reference number, log a claim with Action Fraud and submit your account to this website to expose him as well as signing our petition. This potentially can be used in evidence against him as there is power in numbers. It has to be proved that he is a conman and must be accountable.

The last point to note is that taking him to a small claims court has worked before and may work for you. Please do not hesitate to initiate this procedure, please see our Legal avenues to pursue page.

The fundamental fact in all this is that he takes your money and makes a profit from it

The aim for him is to drag out paying your money back, causing you maximum pain and distress all the way (Knowing you have been conned) and continues to lie and promise that you will get your money back. Numerous people have enlisted solicitors to take action on their behalf, costing them even more money.

By then you are desperate to get your money back and are elated to actually receive it, when all along his game plan was to make a profit on your money and not give you ANY of the profit.

He is in effect using your money to make himself money – similar to a pyramid system of money making (Which are illegal).

Question is –  how many people have been conned by him???

We are fighting to stop others from being scammed by conmen like Mike Mclean. The best thing you can do is to sign our petition – Bring conmen to justice