Monty Smith Building scam

THIS IS A CONMAN WHO IS A BUILDER. Please read the following account that was sent in to us and has been verified as correct;

My husband had known Monty Smith since when he was a teenager living in North London. He had carried out a number of building jobs at my in laws house numerous times. So when we decided to build an outhouse at the rear of our garden my husband thought to ask Monty. We agreed a price (Six thousand including materials) and he seemed very competent and started the work within a couple of days.

For the first few days everything was fine,he was doing a good job. Then he stated to not turn up on time and leaving after a couple of hours. Soon after he started disappearing for a few days at a time and when we called he did not pick up his phone. He threatened a few of our neighbours after they complained of the mess he made to which they called the Police and we decided to get rid of him and find someone else to finish the job.

He left and we found another (very reliable) builder to complete the job. We thought this was the end of the story. My husband then slowly started to realise that Monty had taken most of his tools and a number of other items from our garage which was worth quite a lot of money.

So, no only did he not do the job properly and we wasted thousands of pounds but he also stole hundreds of pounds of tools etc. Needless to say we tried to find him but he had changed his number and was nowhere to be seen.

We have heard from others that he has done the same thing to them as well as taking deposits from people and not turning up to start the work. He is continually changing his phone number so no one can contact him. He has no fixed home address so is on the move and cannot be found to report to the Police.

Please be do not give this man money for any jobs as he will not finish the job and may also steal from you!!

He goes by the name of Monty Smith (although we do not think this is his actual name) and works around North London. He is mid 50s with White hair and is of Irish decent. Unfortunately we have no photographs of him nor does the telephone number that we have for him work.