Omar Fofana Romance Scam


Submitted Account #1 Received in February 2018

This is the account published in full as we received it.

Thank you so very much for posting on your site about Omar Fofana. This man is a scam artist as he is currently trying to scam me. I met Omar 5 years ago in Radford, Nottingham. We talked and he became a “supposed” friend of mine but always wanted more. I would go to his house on occasion to have a drink and a catch up. He then disappeared for a year.

Upon his return we picked up our strictly platonic friendship but he would always try to get me to stay over and had stated as he did all of those years ago that he would like to be my partner. In December 2017 I decided to give him as chance as he seemed like a genuinely good and hardworking man. Omar had already told me many stories over the years but the story of his previous scam he changed considerably when relaying it to me even leaving “Bev” out of it altogether.

He told me about a man who owned his company in Gambia scamming him. I was seeing him for literally two months when I realised something was not right. He was always disappearing, making up stories saying that he was with his daughter at plays she was performing, however my uncle is a lecturer at her university so I knew that no play was even being performed.

Bit by bit the lies kept on coming and his behaviour got very dodgy as he lied about everything. His lies got so bad I decided to Google his name at the beginning of Feb 2018 when I found out that I was pregnant with his child. Only then did I find out that he was a scam artist. So many things within “Bevs” story ring true throughout my own. He proposed marriage to me, asking for me to move to Gambia permanently and be his wife. His strange comings and goings, his lies and deceit.

When I asked him he told me about Bev but made up an elaborate lie calling her many nasty names. So I dug further and then realised that he knew about the multi-million pound estate left to me by my late partner and father to my children. Only then did I really start to realise exactly who Omar Fofana was. Upon meeting him he seems like the quietest and kindest gentleman. He seems like he works hard and is so very good at fooling you into thinking that he is a good, normal man. Too good to be true is the correct saying. I would have vouched for Omar if I had seen the previous post and had not entered into a relationship with him. But I have experienced things similar to Bev and have spoken with him at length face to face as late as yesterday to give him a chance to explain his truth.

Unfortunately it is true, he is a Romance scam artist and has always been one since he started university in the UK. He still lives at 12 withheld due to Data Protection Act, Radford, Nottingham He is working as an electrician for The Medina Family Company as a tester for their student accommodation in Radford, Nottingham. He is also working driving construction and excavation machinery for a company in the Midlands called Collins. He plans to travel to Saudi Arabia in April before returning to Africa to work on rebuilding his construction business with the money he has robbed off the women on his journey.

Be very careful of this man as I have known him as a friend for over 5 years but never knew any of this until I had a brief relationship with him. I thought I was a very good judge of character but I was definitely mistaken. Stay away from Omar Fofana. He is pure evil.

Thank you so very much to Bev and Conman Exposed. I could have lost a huge amount of money to this man. It is just so very sad that the father of my unborn child is such a treacherous and scheming liar that destroys lives with no remorse. But I am glad I learned this so very early on. Thank you so much 

Apologies, he drives a Black Mitsubishi warrior ’04’ reg. He also will never ever be seen without a cap on due to his advanced balding.

He also told me that his surname was Fuffalo to avoid detection, but I saw his real name Fofana on a letter that came through his door from Napit (electrical governing body).

His telephone number is: withheld due to Data Protection Act

He has since got a young woman pregnant with twins (Feb 2018) after trying to scam her also and giving her the promise of marriage and a life together. When she rejected him he will not have anything to do with his children and is pressuring her to abort his babies.

It was only then that we all found out that Omar’s children have been taken away from him due to his conduct as a father. His youngest three children have been in foster care for 5 years and Omar is not allowed anywhere near them. His older two children were flown to Australia to be taken as far away from Omar as possible.

You have permission to publish the information as he needs to be stopped. People need to be aware of what he really is.

Submitted Account #1 Received in February 2017

This is the account published in full as we received it. More documentation was sent to us but due to legal restrictions we are unable to publish it.

Good morning

I came across your website and would like to tell my story of how I have been conned out of £18000 (part inheritance) and thought to be marrying a Gambian man I have been seeing in the UK (and visited Gambia a few times) for a number of years prior to him enjoying my inheritance money then disappearing.

This story isn’t the usual one – meet on a beach in Gambia etc etc.  This is a story about the Gambian man actually living and working in the UK on a UK passport for many years and taking up a seemingly false relationship with me, having met at the same workplace in the UK.

Many years have passed, with no marriage obviously, and the man in this story disappeared finally 4 years ago, after I reported him to the Police/Local Authorities in the UK.  There’s no telling if he still operates in the same way in the UK or in The Gambia – I’ve finally found somewhere to post the story in the hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else he is pulling into his trust and being conned out of a lot of money.

In the 4 years he has disappeared there have been false hopes, strange phone calls, intimidation, even another proposal of marriage from a friend of his in The Gambia recently.   All of which follow a con.  “Anyone out there – don’t let this happen to you, if you know Omar Fofana”.

Omar Fofana

Known in Nottingham, UK (connections to London, Manchester, Leeds)

DOB 23/12/69

UK Passport number (at that time) withheld due to Data Protection Act – expiry date 08/03/10

Nationality British (Gambian origin)

Previously on a Gambian passport

Last known address to me:  withheld due to Data Protection Act, Nottingham NG7

Company in Gambia:  Fofana Construction, Sinchu Alhagi, Kombo North, Gambia, West Africa (now guessing resolved)

Known friend/associate in Gambia (recent offer of marriage) Solomon Jobarteh (if it was him) +2209992054 in Gambia

I have many receipts of Western Union transfers, shipping bills of laden for goods to Gambia, and withdrawals from my bank which coincide.  Too many to upload.

I hope you find this information useful.  Picture attached.

Attached documents – a small amount of receipts/information relating to Omar Fofana.


Kind regards,