Online Scams

Here are a selection on the latest email scams:

Always check the sender’s email address before you even consider clicking on any links!

On first glance it looks as if the email has come from Paypal. On closer inspection of the sender’s email address it is clear that it is not a legitimate email!

Again, on first glance this email looks as though it has come from Yahoo. What the scammers want is for you to click on the link and this in turn will allow them to take all your personal information-often including all bank details you have saved on your device!

Good advice from John Lewis – advising of a Phishing Scam where people are “masquerading” as John Lewis recruitment but they only want to take your details!

This is an example of a blackmail email. These are very commonplace these days. Many people have been known to pay for fear of being exposed for viewing or downloading pornography. Never pay out – this is a scam!