Overview of conmen and their scams

Collins English dictionary definition of conman (Scam artist): An act of cheating or tricking someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true.

There are many types of con/scam now, from physical people you meet to conman on the internet, all with the intention of deceiving you into taking your money, property etc or even lie about their feelings towards you to gain monetary reward. They come in many forms and there is not one particular type.

Unfortunately, it may be that most people who view this now have been a victim of a conman – Many we know have been and that is why we have taken up the sword (Or keyboard in this case) and are prepared to fight them by exposing them and allowing you to do the same. By raising awareness of as many conmen/scammers as possible we can try and prevent others from falling prey to their tricks.

A good question to train yourself to automatically think is -Is this a scam? There’s always a chance it could be when you’re online or dealing with money.

Have a look at the list of scams here: Wikipedia list


  • Never give your personal details (Login, password, bank or credit card details) over the telephone, email or text or any social media platform.
  • If you are sent links to click and follow, do not as they can result in Trojans, viruses or ransomware software being installed onto your device.
  • If you get an email offering you any services from sites like eBay, PayPal or Google, go direct to their websites to see if it’s genuine. Fake emails do look very convincing so always do the due diligence and check first.
  • Be suspicious of anyone suggesting an escrow or payment protection site.
  • Beware of anyone who might want you to post abroad, they might offer you more money for doing it.

To find out more about online scamming, take a look at Get Safe Online and Action Fraud.

It is now well known internationally that there are thousands of scams that originate from Nigeria, please see the link below for an insight into their mentality;

Nigerian Email scammers