You could be protected by PayPal Buyer Protection.

If your seller posts something to you and it doesn’t turn up or it’s not as they described it, you might be able to get your money back. PayPal might even cover postage and packaging.

Take a look at PayPal’s terms and conditions to find out what information you need to make a claim.

What does Buyer Protection cover?

If you use ‘PayPal – Family & Friends’ or ‘’, you won’t be able to get your money back. Use ‘PayPal – Service’ when sending money to people you don’t know. You need to have used the ‘Purchase’ option on PayPal. ‘Personal’ payments don’t count – they are for paying money between friends and family.

Also, Buyer Protection only applies to physical goods. It doesn’t cover- vehicles, real estate, digital or virtual, prohibited items, services and items you pick up in person.

As a buyer, you have 180 days from the date you paid to raise a dispute with the seller. You then have 20 days from when you raised the dispute to make a claim.

If you read the small print, they only guarantee your money up to £500 Pounds regarding certain transactions , i.e. anything involving car purchases.

TIP: Please read their terms and conditions to make yourself as fully aware as possible. If in doubt please contact them directly and ask for their advice – ideally in an email so that you have proof.

PayPal – Family & Friends – There’s no money-back guarantee with PayPal – Family & Friends because it is for paying people you know.

CONMAN EXPOSED ADVICE: is only use this service with family and friends. – Is another payment service that should be used between people who know each other, because the payment can’t be reversed when used.

CONMAN EXPOSED ADVICE:  Avoid using this at all costs

The service that will cover you is PayPal – Service, but as per our Safe ways to Transfer money page, we still suggest paying by credit card.