Scam telephone calls

Unfortunately this scam involves people who receive telephone calls on their mobile and house phones that can be quite threatening and malicious, even to the point of being intimidating.

For example, we have users in our community giving us information about a telephone call from a female operative at the “Inland Revenue” stating that they will be threatened with legal action if they do not press number 1 to speak to an agent straight away and not to end the call or they may be charged.

For many of us we can tell it is a scam but other vulnerable people in the community would fall prey to these scammers and indeed do as they are asked. It is not a nice thing to experience and also it can be upsetting. Other people get to the point of wanting to call back the number and having a go at them. DO NOT call them back whatever you do as they charge premium rates if you return the call. The best thing you can do is report them, let us know as we will expose them!

The following is a great link regarding nuisance calls and messages;

As an example, a recently submitted call from 0161 650 6316 started off saying that they are from HMRC and that if you do not press 1 now a warrant will be issued in your name and you will be arrested. It was quite threatening to hear. Thankfully they managed to record the rest of the phone call and you can hear it below;

CONMAN-EXPOSED ADVICE: If you receive a spam call, end the call immediately and then write the number down. Block and delete it from your phone ASAP and then report it to ActionFraud;

There are many other sites you can use. We have no affiliation to them but we are happy to recommend them;

Our advice is clear: If a bank/building society /Inland Revenue etc wanted to contact you they would do so in an official capacity. Scammers will try and sound like the real thing but they do not know the security questions to ask and your personal details.