Seeking emotional help

Helping Hand

Being a victim of a scam does not only cause a financial loss but may also have emotional repercussions. We have higlighted some common feelings – and ways to seek help – below:

Common feelings

  • You worry constantly which can result in the following;
    • Affecting your sleep
    • This may affect your job as your concentration has suffered
    • Your relationship may suffer or breakdown due to the enormous stress you are under
    • Treating your children in a manner you would not normally due to stress
  • Feeling ashamed of giving someone money or trust that has been completely abused, leaving you with a long term debt
  • Embarrassed to admit what has happened to you to friends and family
  • Stress from being chased for money by banks/family/loan sharks

Obtaining help on an emotional level

There are so many avenues to find online support in your area. We have put together a few we recommend (We have no financial or personal links to these sites but wanted to share them with you)

I’m-in-crisis is for anyone who is going through a hard time and just needs to talk, including people who are thinking about suicide:

The following charity is free and can help you find the strength to deal with what has happened to you:

Victim support

Specifically for emotional support:


The following site has some good advice: