Useful links

Here is an excellent link via the Metropolitan Police called the little book of scams;

Another great link is from the Money Advice Service;

Guide to scams

From the Inland Revenue;

Inland Revenue scams

Barclay’s have a good site;

Preventing different types of fraud

From the Which Consumer Rights site, the following information is very useful

How to get your money back after a scam

From our FBI friends across the pond, an amazing list of scams that should be avoided at all costs!

Main site:  FBI Common Fraud Schemes
Here you will find details of Investment –related scams, internet scams and Fraud that is targeted at senior citizens.

We received the following email from which has a lot of really useful information;

 I think that you might find our resource of interest

Senior citizens are heavily targeted by credit card fraud, our fraud hotspot map shows communities with ageing populations tend to unfortunately be targeted the most. I think our guide would prove to be a useful addition to your site.

Please click on the link to learn more about it – thank you to Andrea for submitting it!