Much like yourselves, we’re closely following the impact that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on our local communities.

We understand that many of you will be experiencing new and unexpected challenges during this difficult time and we’re committed to providing you with as much support as possible in this period of uncertainty.

Although we expect minimal change to your experience, please do bear with us if response times are longer than usual.
Lastly, please follow our social media outlets for up to date information on scams related to the Coronavirus.
Please be extra vigilant at this time and remember, IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN IT DEFINATELY IS!!!

We are a community based website that has been created to expose conmen and scam artists who you or someone close to you may have fallen victim to.  What we do is to take action against them by exposing them via this site on the internet and our social media platforms, hence raising awareness and preventing these people from conning/scamming others. By doing so we can improve your communities and make the world a better place.

It is estimated that nearly half of all people in the UK (48%) have been targeted by a Scam. This figure is shocking but unfortunately it is on the rise. Only 5% of scams are reported, this needs to change. By submitting your account to our website there is a chance that you will stop someone else falling victim to the same scam. Plus, we also offer lots of advice for victims.

If you have been a victim, or know someone who has been conned/scammed, PLEASE EMAIL US AT:

Please note that we will not publish your name or other details under any circumstances and will keep your details safe.

What we require is the following;

  • Outline of the story from start to finish
  • Conman’s details (Name, nickname, all telephone numbers, website, vehicle details, pictures and or description of them etc.)
  • Dates of all events that happened (Meeting, ongoing lies, eventual disappearance etc.)
  • Information on charges/convictions given by courts

If you have any of the following, that would also be beneficial so that we can add this to the account;

  • Receipts/proof of money transferred to their accounts etc
  • Photos, voice recordings, CCTV evidence etc

We may be able to offer assistance with retrieving your money or goods. Please see our mediation page for further details.

Please sign our petition below so that we can all stop conmen;

            KEEP CALM CONMEN

Important Information:

This is not a revenge site whatsoever. It is to highlight bad experiences people have personally had and to help others to avoid falling victim to the same scams and conmen.

For all legal issues please see our Disclaimer