At this time, the law here in the UK does not protect individuals from conmen/scam artists. The police do not currently have the resources, policies or incentive to pursue such individuals. The major issue in many cases is that if you willingly handed over the money then no crime has been committed and it is a civil matter.

Action Fraud is getting there but the truth is that if someone has conned you out of your money then the police should prosecute them. If we steal from a shop or a supermarket we will be taken to court and prosecuted – yet why should a conman get away with it?

In response to this, we have now started a petition to change the law so that conmen will be brought to justice. Please click on the icon below to sign the petition;

In an ideal world these conmen should be listed on a national register – available to the general public – but until such a time we propose you use this site and expose them for who they really are.