We are pleased to announce that we now offer a mediation service to try and resolve disputes that you may have.

It is a fast and cost effective way to deal with issue and can negate the need for expensive court proceedings.

Regarding mediation, it is vital that all parties involved in the dispute agree to the mediation and sign agreements in order for the mediation to commence. It is by no means a guarantee that your issues will be resolved or you will retrieve any monies but it is an avenue that we believe is worth pursuing when all seems lost.

The issue with many scams is that they are not classed as criminal matters so no prosecutions take place. As they are usually civil matters, you can try and take the perpetrator to court but this often fails….

Mediation is worthwhile when you are in a dialogue with the conman and they may seem willing to come to an agreement. In many instances, once the story appears on this website they suddenly have a change of heart and want to prove that they have not scammed that person and actually start paying the money back.

Please email us at exposed@conman-exposed.co.uk for further details.